Model SIL: Depth and Level Transmitter with Local Indication

I. Description

SIL model, has Case Protection(IP67), Sensor Protection(IP68) is able to use in an outdoor area and at the place is required to be waterproofed. With 4-1/2 Digit Backlight LCD, it can not only display up to ±19999 but also is visible from the dark place. Its functions, Analog output, Relay output and RS-485 communication, Pressure Unit convertor and Scale adjustment can be utilized with a variety of controller. In addition, it can perform atmospheric compensation and use in seawater with the polyurethane vented cable.


▶ 4 1/2 digit Backlight LCD display
▶ Built-in amplifier circuit(VDC, mA)
▶ Optional 2-channel Relay output, RS485
▶ Measuring range 0~350m(35kgf/㎠)
▶ 0.2%FS accuracy
▶ Fully sealed construction
▶ Vented polyurethane cable
▶ Stainless steel(316L) meaia-wetted materials


▶ Tank Level Measurement
▶ Deep Well Measurement
▶ Ship & Marine System
▶ Ground & Surface Water Monitoring
▶ Geophysical Application
▶ Water Supply & Reservoirs

II. Specifications:
III. Ordering Information: