Model SSD: Wet / Wet Digital Differential Pressure Gauge / Switch

I. Description

SSD model, it is suitable measuring for high precise measurement and differential pressure. SSD can be against corrosive material owing to Media-Wetted materials are composed stainless steel 316L.

SSD model contains Microprocessor. Moreover, it is a Differential Pressure Gauge / Switch with characteristics of LED Display, 1~5 VDC or 4~20 mA (3 wire) Analog Output, 2-Channel RELAY Output. Since it uses IP 65 structure, there is no limitation with environmental conditions. As Differe ntial Pressure Sensor, Indicator and Switch are integrated in order to realize providing it at low price.


▶ CE Certified
▶ Built-in amplifier circuit(1~5VDC, 4~20mA)
▶ Optional 2-channel Relay switching output
▶ Measuring range 0~3.5MPa diff.
▶ 0.3%FS or 0.5%FS accuracy
▶ IP65 Protection
▶ Differential Pressure measurement
▶ Piezoresistive silicon cell
▶ Stainless steel media-wetted materials


▶ Corrosive Fluid and Gas Measurement Systems
▶ Liquid Level Controls
▶ Tank Level Measurement
▶ Leak Tester System

II. Specifications:
III. Ordering Information: