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Euro gauge
Test pressure gauge

Model : P239 series


Service intended


P239 test pressure gauges are designed to check the accuracy of pressure instruments. Its use expands to a laboratory instruments for research shops and test labs. External adjustable dial and zero adjustable pointers are available for some models. It is an excellent choice for the process applications where high accuracy is a must.


Nominal diameter


160 and 250 mm




±0.25 % of full scale


Scale range (MPa, kPa, bar)


0 ~ 60 kPa to 0 ~ 100 MPa


Working pressure


Steady : Full scale value


Working temperature


Ambient : -40 ~ 65 ℃
Medium : Max. 100 ℃


Temperature effect


Accuracy at temperature above and below the reference temperature (20 ℃) will be effected by approximately
±0.4 % per 10 ℃ of full scale



Standard features


Pressure connection


Stainless steel (316SS)




Stainless steel (316SS)
<100 bar : C type bourdon tube
≥100 bar : Helical type bourdon tube




160 mm - Stainless steel (304SS)
250 mm - Black painted aluminium, Solid front




160 mm - Stainless steel (304SS), Bayonet type
250 mm - Black painted aluminium




Safety glass








270° mirror band scale
White aluminium with black graduations




Black painted aluminium alloy


Zero adjustment


Internal (160 mm)
External (250 mm)


Process connection


⅜", ½" PT, NPT and PF



Download:  CATALOG 

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