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Averaging pitot tube_F760

Type: F760




Averaging pitot tube is an energy saving device used to measuring the flow of liquids, gases and steam in pipes, stacks and rectangular ducts. It provides high, long term stability with low permanent pressure loss.


Examples of their applications are precise volumetic flow measurement in batch processes, continuous measurement of liquid ingredients in the process industry, fuel, air, steam and gases as primary energy source as well as in control functions requiring a high degree of stability and repeatability.




■ Dual averaging for better accuracy
■ Short upstream and downstream straight pipe lengths
■ Long term accuracy unaffected by wear





Measuring fluid


Liquid, Gas, Steam and etc.




304SS, 316SS, 316L SS and Monel
Special materials are available


Pipe size


50 ~ 1,000 mm
2" ~ 40"


Max. working pressure


15 MPa


Max. working temperature


600 ℃




±1 % of actual flow rate







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Averaging pitot tube F760

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