Bi-metal Thermostat



The VTMJ is a bimetallic thermostat that combines adjustability
and fixed temperatures.

It can moderate the temperature control and overheating at the
same time and allows for a direct connection to the high capacity
heater without a separate relay.



  • Adjustable & Fixed Type Combined
  • Temp Range : Adjustable Type : 50~80°C (122~176°F)
  • Temp Range : Fixed Type : Max. 95°C (203°F)
  • Electric Rating : 30A / 250VAC
  • Switch Type : SPST



  • Cold/Hot Water Machine
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Industrial / Laboratory Equipment


Model Temp Range Electric Rating Bulb Dimensions Accuracy
VTMJ 90°C 90°C Fixed
 / 50°C~80°C
30A/250VAC 38X75mm ±3°C
VTMJ 95°C 95°C Fixed
 / 50°C~80°C
30A/250VAC 38X75mm ±3°C


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Bi-metal Thermostat VTMJ