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Limit Switch

Model: YS-511RL


Performance Summary

Insulation resistance: Above 100Mohm (DC500V), Meg)

Contact resistance: Below 50Mohm (initial value)

Withstand voltage: AC 2500V/min (50~60Hz)

Withstand vibration: 10~55Hz, double amplitude 1.5mm

Withstand impact: About 30G (300m/s2)


- Mechanical: Above 1 million times (Switching freq: 20 times/min.)

- Electrical: Above 100,000 times (Switching freq: 20 times/min.)

Ambient temperature: -25~55°C

Relative humidity: 45~85%


Part material:

Body: Aluminium alloy

Actuator: Roller - stainless steel, Lever - aluminium alloy

Cam: acetal resin

Switch body: PBT resin

Terminal: Brass

Contact: silver-cadmium oxide alloy


Download:  CATALOG 

Công tắc hành trình YS-511RL

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