Weatherproof type differential pressure switch

Type: P946


Service intended


P946 diaphragm type differential pressure switch can be used in a variety of process lines. Internal micro switch is operated by pressure of various fluids, such as atmospheric pressure and water pressure. The pressure sensing part is a force balanced and piston actuated assembly.




Gas and oil




±1.0 % of adjustable range


Adjustable range (mbar, kPa, bar, MPa)


15 kPa to 0.4 MPa


Dead band


One SPDT : Approx. 5 % of adjustable range
Two SPDT : Approx. 10 % of adjustable range


Working temperature


Ambient : -20 ~ 65 °C
Fluid : Max. 100 °C


Degree of protection





Standard features


Pressure connection


Stainless steel (316SS), Monel and Hastelloy-C




Stainless steel (316L SS)


Case and cover


ALDC 12.1 (Silver gray finished)




Micro contact type
Two SPDT (Only available with single setpoint)


Contact rating


SPDT contact rating
AC 125 V / 250 V, 15 A
DC 125 V, 0.4 A for resistance load
DC 125V, 0.03 A for inductive load


Conduit connection


¾" NPT (F)


Process connection


¼" NPT (F)




Bracket : 304SS and 316SS Wall mounting bracket Remote diaphragm seal



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