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Flush diaphragm pressure transmitter (Ceramic diaphragm)

Model: P515 (Circular Connector - Flush Diaphragm)

Model: P516 ((DIN Connector - Flush Diaphragm)

Model: P517 (Flying Leads - Flush Diaphragm)

Model: P518 (General Head - Flush Diaphragm)

Model: P519 (Explosion proof - Flush Diaphragm)



- Flush diaphragm with ceramic or stainless steel

- Shock and vibration resistant

 - Zero and span adjustments

- Measuring ranges

+ P510 series: 0.5~50Kgf/cm2

+ P520 series: 0.1~35Kgf/cm2



- The transmitters are specifically designed for pressure measurement in sticky, high viscous liquids.

- Process control for food and beverage industry

- Tank level measurement

- Chemical and petrochemical industry

- Equipment and machinery for paint, ink, resin, and dough process

- Cosmetic and pulp industry     

- Pharmaceuticals



Flush mounted pressure transmitters are perfectly suitable for measuring static pressure in sticky and high viscous liquids in industrial applications. They incorporatea fully temperature compensated piezoresistive ceramic or silicon sensor which is corrosion resistant, and a strong, durable flush mounted diaphragm.



Range : 0~1 to 0~50bar
Accuracy : 0.5% FSO
Output : 4~20mA, 1~5V
Operating temperature range : -40~125℃
Enclosure rating : IP65


Download:  CATALOG  - Model P515

Download:  CATALOG  - Model P516

Download:  CATALOG  - Model P517

Download:  CATALOG  - Model P518

Download:  CATALOG  - Model P519

Cảm biến áp suất dạng màng ceramic + flush P515, P516, P517, P518, P519

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