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Diaphragm seal type pressure transmitter

Model: P475, P485, P495 (Circular Connector)

Model: P476, P486, P496 (DIN Connector)

Model: P477, P487, P497 (Flying Leads)

Model: P478, P488, P498 (General Head)



• Pressure transmitter for corrosive environment

• Measuring ranges from -0.1~0 to -0.1~35MPa, 0~0.03 to 0~35MPa 

• It's useful in areas with large amount of pulp or sludge 

• Various diaphragm can be selected accordingly to corrosive fluid.



• Process control and monitoring in corrosive environments

• High corrosion resistant stainless steel diaphragm (316LSS, Monel, Hastelloy-C, Titanium, Tantalum, Nickel)

• With selection of proper filling oil, it can be used in extremely hot environment or below freezing conditions. 



P4XX series pressure transmitter has been designed as an advanced device for measuring pressure of corrosive in industrialapplications. They incorporate a fully tempearture compensated piezoresistive silicon sensor with great accuracy, excellent long term stability, very low temperature drift, and a strong, duable flush mounted diaphragm.  



Range : -0.1~0 to -0.1~35MPa
Accuracy : 0.5% FSO
Output : 4~20mA, 1~5V
Operating temperature range : -40~125℃
Enclosure rating : IP65


Download:  CATALOG 

Cảm biến áp suất dạng màng P470, P480, P490 (Diaphragm seal type)

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