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Pressure transmitter with digital switch

Model: P800S (General Head)



- High precision micro-processor based digital pressure switch / transmitter for industrial applications

- Adjustable switch points allow the user to obtain various pressure setting for each of the 2 switches and span

- Measuring ranges from 0.2 to 350Kgf/cm2

- Advanced piezoresistive silicon measuring cells

- Excellent accuracy and long term stability

- 4 digit LED local display

- 2 switching points with analog output signal

- Measuring range turn down maximum 10:1



The high precision micro-processor based digital pressure switch with analog output signal can be used for a wide range of applications in process control, automatic machinery and hydraulic or pneumatic system design.

- Chemical, petrochemical, food and drug process control

- Hydraulic and pneumatic equipments

- Machinery tools and automatic machinery

- LPG and LNG transmission control and storage tank monitoring     

- Engine monitoring and control

- Vacumn pump and injection molding machine Functions



P800 Series micro-processor based digital pressure switch is ideal for applications that require highly accurate process control and monitoring. The P800S/P800 with its built-in piezoresistive pressure measuring cell. a 4-digit digital display. 2 switching points, 4~20mA analog output signal and a front function keys, offer the user all the advantages of a modern electronic pressure measurement.


External adjustments allow the user to set the pressure ranges, switch points, deadband and zero or span calibration, etc. It has a water resistant, stainless steel housing for complete protection from harsh environment and its 4~20mA current output is ideal for remote monitoring of both primary and secondary process variables. It has been designed as an advanced device for measuring pressure of gases and liquids in industrial applications. It is extremely versatile and suitable for measuring dynamic or static pressure.


The pressure to be measured acts through thin corrosion resistant stainless steel 316L diaphragm on a silicon measuring element. The pressure transmitting medium is silicon oil. The measuring element contains diffused piezoresistive resistors which are connected into a Wheatstone bridge. The output signal of this bridge is temperature compensated and converted into a standardized current or voltage output signal.  



Range : 0~0.1 to 0~350bar
Accuracy : 0.25% FSO
Output : 4~20mA, 2 switching point
Operating temperature range : -40~125℃


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