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Tank Mounted Level Transmitter

Model: L74S (Capacity ceramic cell)



- Capacitive ceramic measuring sensor

- Highly accurate Piezoresistive silicon measuring sensor

- Measuring ranges from 250mmH2O to 35kgf/cm2

- Excellent accuracy and long term stability

- Extremely high over-pressure limit

- High accuracy level measurement with temperature stability

- Explosion protection Ex d IIC T6 and weather proofed



The hydrostatic level transmitters can be used for a wide range of industrial applications for tank level measurement.

- Continuous level measurement in tanks, vessels, sumps or pits (liquid)

- Water and sewage treatment

- Process control for food and beverage industries

- Chemical and petrochemical industries



L700 series level transmitters provide reliable measurement and control of the process level by sensing the hydrostatic pressure in a tank. The transmitter incorporates a capacitive or

piezoresistive diaphragm sensor coupled to a proven design, and is 316L stainless steel on all wetted parts and is repairable. Additional, an optional LED display allows the user an at-a-glance reading without the expense of additional gauges or digital meter.


A compact and mass optimized design with a choice of corrosion resistant materials together with a wide variety of standard process connection options, makes it the ideal choice for simple application in many industries.


The transmitter has a water resistant, stainless steel housing for complete protection from harsh environments and its 4~20mA current output is ideal for remote monitoring of both primary and secondary process variables. It has been designed as an advanced device for measuring level pressure of water and liquids in industrial applications. The pressure to be measured acts through thin corrosion resistant stainless steel 316L diaphragm on a silicon measuring element. The pressure transmitting medium is silicon oil. The measuring element contains diffused piezoresistive resistors which are connected into a Wheatstone bridge. The output signal of this bridge is temperature compensated and converted into a standardized current or voltage output signal.



Range : 0~250mmH2O to 0~35bar
Accuracy : 0.2% FSO
Output : 4~20mA, 1~5V
Operating temperature range : -40~125℃


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Xuất xứ: WISE / Korea

BH: 12 tháng

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