Temperature Transmitter with Digital Switch

Model: T800 (Explosion Proof Head)



• Micro-processor based digital temperature switch/transmitter for industrial applications
• Adjustable switch points allow the user to obtain various temperature settings for each of the 2 switches and span
• Measuring ranges from -50 to 800℃
• RTD or Thermocouple input
• Excellent accuracy and long term stability
• 4 digit LED local display
• 2switching points with analog output
• Measuring range turn down maximum 10 : 1



The T800, T800S micro-processor based digital temperature switch with analog output signal can be used for a wide range of applications in process control, automatic machinery and hydraulic or pneumatic
system design.

• Chemical, petrochemical, food and drug process controls
• Hydraulic and pneumatic equipments
• Machine tools and automatic machinery
• LPG and LNG transmission control and storage tank monitoring
• Engine monitoring and control


T800 Series micro-processor based digital temperature switch addresses all the fundamental issues of industrial temperature sensing that require highly accurate process control and monitoring. The T800S/P800, with its built-in RTD or T/C, a 4-digit digital display, 2 switching points, 4~20mA analog output signal and a front function keys, offer the user all the advantages of a modern electronic temperature measurement.


External adjustments allow the user to set the measuring ranges, switch points, dead band and zero or span calibration, etc. It has a water resistant, aluminum die-cast housing for complete protection from harsh environments and its 4~20mA current output is ideal for remote monitoring of both primary and secondary process variables. It has been designed as an advanced device for measuring temperature in industrial



Range : -50~500℃
Accuracy : 0.25% FSO
Input : RTD
Output : 4~20mA, 1~5V
Ambient temperature range : -20~70℃
Explosion protection : Ex d IIC T6

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