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Programmable multi input temperature transmitter

Model: T900


Service intended

T900 series temperature transmitters are designed to fit into a standard molded terminal heads used on RTD and thermocouple assemblies to provide a 4~20 mA transmission signals. It is a cost effective solution for all temperature measuring process. It is accurate, durable and reliable.


Numerous configurations for measurement in many deferent mediums are offered. Generally the transmitter produces a linear 4~20 mA output carried on a two-wire system. The transmitter is supplied factory
calibrated, but also has zero and span potentiometers for a field adjustment.


+ Two wire 4-20 mA current output signals
+ Universal input signals
- RTD temperature sensor
- T/C elements
- mV, V, mA, DC signals
+ Programmable function setting
- Input signal type
- Measuring range
- Burnout Low/High setting
- mA output offset
+ Excellent accuracy and a long term stability
+ Low cost effective



Electrical specification
Excitation voltage : 18 ~ 30 V DC
(Noise range:20 mVp-p)
Load resistance max : 600Ω with 24 V
Influence of excitation : 0.01% FSO/V
Reverse polarity : Protected
Shock resistance : No change in performance after 20Gs
Vibration : 0.1 g max.
Response time (10 ~ 90%) : ±500 mSec.
Adjustment range : Free


Performance specification
Accuracy : ±0.2% FSO
Non - linearity : Better than 0.10% FSO
Repeatability : Better than 0.05% FSO
Long term stability : Better than 0.05% FSO per month
Cutoff frequency : ±1 kHz
Ambient temperature limits : -10 ~ 70
Ambient humidity limits : 10 to 90% R.H


Temperature sensor type : See table "Sensor type, range and accuracy"
Signal source : See table "Sensor type, range and accuracy"


Current output : 4 ~ 20 mA loop powered
Electrical connection type : 2-wire technique
Full scale output signal : 20 mA ±0.2%
Zero measured output : 4 mA ±0.03%
Sensor burnout : High (20.5 mA DC) or Low (3.9 mA)




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