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Chordal type thermocouple_R980 series_R981, R982

Type: R981, R982


Service intended


Normally, Chordal type thermocouple is installed on the outer wall of the tube to measure the temperature, however, to measure the temperature more precisely and quickly, it is directly inserted into the boiler tube after generating a hole on the tube.


Generally, the tube will be manufactured by the boiler maker, and the thermocouple will be inserted and calibrated by the manufacturer.


Standard features




■ Boiler tube skin temperature
■ Other various tube wall temperature measurement




K, E, J, T




Standard : 0.75 % (For reading temp.)
Special : 0.4 % (For reading temp.)


Sheath outer diameter (mm)


1.6, 2.3 and 3.2



Download:  CATALOG 

Chordal type thermocouple_R980 series_R981, R982

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