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Heavy duty type resistance temperature detector_R200 (R201, R202)

Type: R201, R202


Service intended


Among temperature sensors, it is the most stable and accurate sensor. It has a better repeatability, and shows more dependable outputs than thermocouple. It is possible to perform an area measuring, and has a better resistance against the containment.


However, it has a slow response time due to its complexity of the resistance element and its big size. It is constructed with an insulated lead wire and with protection tube which is designed to protect the insulated lead wire.


Standard features




Film sensor
Pt 100Ω at 0 ℃
TCR : 3,850 ppm/k


Tolerances on temperature reading


Class A : ± (0.15 + 0.002 l t l)
Class B : ± (0.3 + 0.005 l t l)


Head material


ALDC (Standard)


Temperature range


Class A : -60 ~ 250 ℃
Class B : -60 ~ 250 ℃


Sheath material


316L SS


Sheath outer diameter


6.4, 8.0 mm



Download:  CATALOG 

Dụng cụ đo, cảm biến nhiệt (loại Pt100) R201, R202

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