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Flushing ring

Type: A100


Service intended


Flushing Ring is designed to be used with a flange, pancake, or inline diaphragm seals. The flushing ring have two lateral NPT ports to flush out the collected process medium adjacent to the diaphragm seal. A flushing ring is great for use with diaphragm seal model numbers A100, when there is a potential of the deposits from the process medium blocking access to the diaphragm seals.


The flushing ring is designed to be sandwiched between the process flange and the diaphragm seal. Material gathered in front of the diaphragm could be flushed out through the flushing bore holes. The flushing ring also can be used to vent the process. Several standard widths and sizes are available to fit different process conditions and applications.


Process connectionANSI ½" to 4" per ASME


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Flushing ring A100

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