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Intrinsic safety and increased safety type thermocouple and resistance temperature detector_R950 (ETR10 series)_R951, R952, R953, R954, R955, R956, R957, R958, R95A, R95B, R95C, R95D

Type: R950


Service intended


Measuring the temperature in the area where bustible gas, particles and flammable liquid exist can be a very dangerous task. The electrical energy of measuring instrument is lower than electric motor, however, the malfunction of the instrument or the accident can cause to start the explosion.


Therefore, ETR10 series is explosion proof type product which is designed to be used in a critical danger zone (Ex e=Zone 1, Ex ia=Zone 0) by acquiring IECEx and ATEX certification.




KCS Ex e IIC T6...T1
ATEX II 2G Ex e IIC T6...T1
IECEx Ex e IIC T6...T1 Gb
KCS Ex ia IIC T6
ATEX II 1/2G Ex ia IIC T6...T3 Ga/Gb
IECEx Ex ia IIC T6...T3 Ga/Gb



Standard features




RTD : Pt 100 Ω at 0 ℃

Ex eK, E, N
Ex iaK, J, T, E, N, B, R, SK, E



Standard nipple material


304SS (Head type only)


Standard nipple length


100 or 150 mm (Head type only)


Enclosure material


Die cast aluminium (ALDC) or 316SS (Head type only)


Standard measuring material




Electrical rating


10 mA 4 VDC resistance load


Standard process connection


½" NPT


Ambient temperature


-40 ~ +65 ℃ (Ex ia)
-40 ~ +65 ℃ (Ex e)



Download:  CATALOG 

Intrinsic safety and increased safety type TC RTD R950 (ETR10 series)

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