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Optional Non-frosting type level gauge for L100 and L200



Non-fronsting type liquid level gauge is used for protection from the frost. Reflex type and transparent type are provided material, application method, gauge valve are entirely same to general use.


Generally, for low temperature liquid to be used for refrigerator, the whole surface of liquid level body and cover are frosted, general liquid level gauges is covered with heavy frost and glass surface is entirely invisible. For the sake of this, non-frosting liquid level gauges is provided with methacrylate transparent plate which has high level.


So this crosses frosting strata or keeping cool materials, is easily visible the liquid level position clearly. H dimension of lift table, please designate applicable for working temperature or thickness of keeping cool materials.


Download:  CATALOG 


Xuất xứ: WISE / Korea

BH: 12 tháng

Optional cho thước đo mức loại non-frosting cho L100 và L200

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