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Orifice flange assembly_F500

Type: F500




Orifice flange assembly is used in conjunction with orifice plate for flow measurement of smaller or medium size pipes at lower or medium pressure ranges. The flange connection is a RF type and the differential pressure tapping system is the flange taps.




Flange mounting type


Welding neck
Ring-joint welding neck


Nominal diameter


25 ~ 600 mm
1" ~ 24"


Flange ratings


JIS 10, 20, 30, 40 and 63 K
ANSI (or JPI) 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500 and 2500Lb RF


Flange material


A105, A182-F304, A182-F316, A182-F11,
A182-F22 and A350-LF2 and Other


Materials of bolts and nuts


Stud blots : SNB7, A193-B7 and A194-B8 and Other
Nuts : S45C, A194-2H, A194-8 and OtherJack bolts and nuts : S25C and A307




Thickness : 4.5 mm
Material : Spiral wound gaskets


Piping connection method


ANSI 150 Lb : Insertion welding type (Slip-on type)
ANSI 300, 600 Lb : Butt welding type (Welding neck)
ANSI 900 Lb : Butt welding neck (Ring-joint WN)


Differential pressure piping connection


Select referring to the model number construction table


Orifice bore type


Concentric square edged orifice
Quadrant edged orifice
Eccentric orifice
Segmental orifice


Flow claculation standards


ISO 5167-1 and 2 2003
ASME MFC-3M (R.W Miller)
L.K. Spink JIS Z 8762


Plate thickness


3,6,9 and 12 mm and Over


Plate material


Standard : 304SS and 316L SS
Non-standard : Monel, Hastelloy B/C, Titanium etc.


Drain and vent hole


Per ASME recommendations
Not drilled for orifice bores smaller than 25.4 mm




Upstream side of tab handle stamped "Upstream" and with bore type and size, line size, tag number and flange rating


Special markings


Special marking may be furnished to meet special requirement



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Orifice flange assembly F500

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