Orifice plate with ring_F200

Type: F200




Orifice ring assemblies are used for flow measurement of smaller or medium sized pipes at lower pressure. Each assembly consists of one orifice plate and two orifice rings. Differential pressure is taken out in a corner tap system. Orifice block, which are of a unit-construction type and provide higher pressure ratings than the orifice ring assemblies, also are available.




Orifice bore type


Concentric square edged orifice
Quadrant edged orifice


Flow calculation standards


ISO 5167-1 and 2 2003
ASME MFC-3M and 14M
JIS Z 8762
BS 1042


Flange ratings


JIS 5, 10, 16, and 20K
ANSI (or JPI) 150 and 300Lb
(Note: ANSI and JPI ring dimensions are identical)


Pressure taps


Corner taps


Plate thickness


3, 6, 9, 12 mm and Over


Pressure tab nipples


Pipe size : 15 mm (½ inch), Sch 40 and 80
Length : 75 and 150 mm
Tap connections : ½ PT and ½ NPT male
socket welding and butt welding flange connection


Drain and vent hole


Per ASME recommendations
Not drilled for orifice bores smaller than 25.4 mm




Upstream side of tab handle stamped "Upstream" and with bore type and size, line size, tag number and flange rating.


Special markings


Special marking may be furnished to meet special requirements




Ring and pressure tap nipple : 304SS and 316SS and Other
Plate : 304SS, 316L SS, Monel and other




Material : Non-Asbestos and Teflon
Thickness : 1.5, 2.0 and 3.0 mm



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Orifice plate with ring F200