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Restriction orifice plate_F400 series_F400, F410, F420, F430

Type: F400




Restriction orifice plates are widely used for many applications within the industry. Although the design is very similar to an orifice plate, the function is different. Restriction plates are used to suit a number of different purposes including.


● Reduction in line pressure

● Control flow rates by restricting flow, regardless of downstream conditions


Design considerations


● Prevent critical flow
● Removal of cavitation
● Reduce noise levels
We offer a number of different restriction designs to suit the needs of your application




● Restriction plates (Standard applications)
● Multi-hole restriction plates (Used to reduce noise)
● Multi-stage restriction units (Flanged / Butt-weld)
● Conical shaped restriction orifice (Eliminated damage caused by cavitation)




● Proven design technology
● Products designed in accordance with R.W.Miller - Flow engineering handbook
● Designs available to accommodate site restrictions and noise limitations
● Prevent critical flow or cavitation issues




● Hydrocarbon gas and liquids
● Controlled pressure reduction
● Blow-down service
● Pressure vessels
● Noise reduction


Key parameters


● Proven technology
● Prevent critical flow or cavitation issues
● Reduce site restrictions and noise levels




● R.W. Miller
● ASME B31.3
● ISA standard design





Line size


DN15 to DN1,800
½" ~ 72"




Restriction plate
Full-face restriction plate
Restriction carrier
Multi-hole restriction plate
Multi-stage restriction unit
Conical shaped plate


Reynolds number


Unlimited range


Plate and carrier material


Stainless steel
Super duplex
6 Mo
Alloy 400
Inconel 625
Inconel 825
Hastelloy-C 276
Others available on request


Installation method (Between)


Flanged (API / ASME)
Welded directly into piping
Multi-stage units supplied flanged or butt-weld



Download:  CATALOG 

Restriction orifice plate F400 series F400, F410, F420, F430

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