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Type: A090


Service intended


Sunshade provides the protection for instruments. It prevents the instrument calibration drift due to temperature changes caused by solar radiation. It can be mounted on a typical 2 inch stanchion pipe and it can be removed easily for full instrument access.




Simple shielding of enclosures, instruments and fittings providing protection against
■ Sun light
■ Dirt accumulation
■ Exposure to atmospheric conditions




■ Reduces the surface temperature of instruments or enclosure
■ Minimizes instrument drift
■ Operating temperature: -15~100 °C
■ UV coating



Standard features


Type of sunshade (W x D x H)mm


SS230 (230 x 370 x 125)
SS280 (280 x 350 x 125)
SS300 (300 x 350 x 170)
SS400 (400 x 400 x 170)
SS410 (410 x 350 x 170)


Main material


■ Sunshade
GRP (Glass reinforced plastic), 3.5 t
304SS, 1.5 t
316SS, 1.5 t
Carbon steel, 1.5 t
ABS, Roof and side (3 t)
Rear wall (5 t)
■ Bracket
304SS, 316SS and 316L SS


Mounting accessories


Gauge bracket 2" U bolt
Pipe band Stanchion pipe
Special support plate


Bracket mounting position


Back mounting Top mounting
2" U bolt mounting Pipe band mounting
L-type mounting Special mounting




Anti electrostatic



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Sunshade A090

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