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Transparent type level gauge_L200 series

Type: L200 series




Designed for a wide range of pressure and temperature applications. The transparent type level gauge is suitable for observation of the level of corrosive and colored liquids.


The type is preferably used for reservoir tanks that require a comparatively long visible length. This type of level gauge utilizes two pieces of tempered flat gauge glasses, each of which is placed in front and rear of gauge body and is sandwiches by gauge covers and tightened by bolts from both sides of the gauge.






Carbon steel
Stainless steel
A182-F11, 22, 5, 9, 91 and Monel
Alloy-20, etc.


Visible length


90 ~ 3695 mm


Max. No. of section


10 sections


Vessel connection


½" to 2" flanged or screw



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Transparent type đo mức L200 series

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