Valves series - 5port Solenoid valve

WF3120-GL 24VDC / 220VAC



Small & Light

Powerful force through plentiful flux

Superior durability



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Model: WF3120 & WF3220

Working pressure: 1.5~8.0 Kgf/cm2 (WF3120) / 1.0~8.0 Kgf/cm2 (WF3220)

VC Valve: 19.0 (1.0) mm2

Fluid temp: 5~60°C

Response time: 20ms

Maximum frequency: 10c/s

Oil Supply: Unnecessary (In case of oil supply, use ISO VG32#)

Manual Overide: Push button type (STD), Lever type (Option)

Rated voltage: AC100V, 220VAC (50/60Hz) DC24V

Permissible voltage fluctutation: +-10% of rating voltage


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Van solenoid 5 ngã WF3120-GL 24VDC / 220VAC