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Wedge meter F770

Type: F770




The flow element consists of a body and wedge flow restriction. This restriction creates a differential pressure in proportion to the square of the volumetric flow rate. The wedge restriction has no critical surface dimensions, or sharp edges, that will affect measurement accuracy as the result of normally expected wear.




■ Bi-directional flow
■ Low reynolds number measurement, Rd500
■ Minimum upstream and downstream pipe measurement





Measuring fluid


Liquid, Gas and steam




304SS, 316SS, 316L SS and Carbon steel
Special materials are available


Pipe size


0.5" ~ 24"


Wedge element standard H/D ratios


0.2, 0.5




● Calibrated
±1.0 % of full scale when operated within the calibrated range
● Uncalibrated :
±5 % of actual flow when using nominal Kd² from sizing
program. Applies to bi-directional flow
● Bi-directional :
Same as above when Kd² designated as reverse flow coefficient







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Wedge meter F770

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